Fresh on the heels of the release of the brilliant 'Signet Ring' video, we were fortunate enough to pitch a few questions to new artist and anecdotal lyricist on the block, the lovely Claudia Georgette.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I find interviews a bit uncomfortable!

When did you first start singing?
When I was 11.

What, if any artists inspired you to sing?
It all started when my brother gave me my first album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’.

Who are your major influences?
Tom Lehrer, Regina Spektor, Stevie Wonder, Cole Porter.

What inspired you to get into music?
Innervisions’ by Stevie Wonder.

How would you describe yourself musically?
Mmmmm, I'm never very good at answering this question, but I usually ramble something to the tune of- Jazzy-folk with a cabaret twist!

Could you describe your creative process?
It varies from song to song, but recently I've been writing my songs a capella. This way the melody is totally uninhibited and can't hide behind the chords. If the melody is strong enough to stand on it's own, I know it will be a good song that's worth continuing with. So then I either transport it to the piano and stumble about finding some chords that fit, or better still, take it to my bandmate Raphael White who finds some far more expensive sounding chords on the guitar to carry it. The lyrics come at random points during the whole process- sometimes all at once, and sometimes piece by piece depending on my mood and diet that week.

What inspires your lyrics?
I have always found it strange how 99% of songs are about love. While I don't avoid it, I prefer writing about all the other things in this world that we get up to. I like to find the humour in dull or miserable situations as I think we all, me included, have a tendency to take life a bit too seriously.

Where do you get your ideas when writing?
Mostly from personal experience and observation.

Your music is unique sounding, there is a retro, jazz-folk sound to it which makes it stand out. Is that something you were aiming for?
Not initially, it developed naturally. But now I guess I am more conscious of honing in on it.

I'm sure there have been comparisons between yourself and the likes of Kate Nash. What do you make of any comparisons and is there anything that you would say defines you from them?
No one particularly likes to be compared to other people, unless it's Michael Jackson...but it's bound to happen, and seeing as we are both ginger I can see the basis of comparison. No but, serious face, she's a very successful artist so it's flattering. I'll let you decide what separates us.

You've played some shows recently how did they go?
Really well thanks! I love playing live, it's the jam to my dodger.

What can be expected from one of your live shows?
That would be giving the game away! Come along to the Hoxton Underbelly on 19th October and find out...

Your first music video 'Signet Ring' is brilliant. How involved were you in coming up with the concept?
Thank you! I had been hatching ideas for the concept for months but it all took shape when the director, Ricky Lloyd George, sent me the treatment he wrote. It was as if he had crawled into my brain with a camera as it was exactly how I had pictured it. It was one of the easiest collaborations as we were one the same page throughout the whole process.

Did you have fun making it?
So much fun! The preparation and organisational side was more hard work than I could have ever imagined, as I am a bit of a control freak and I'm not very good at delegating. But it made it all the more satisfying and enjoyable when we got to the actual shoot. What really made the whole experience so wonderful was my incredible friends who dedicated so much time and effort to making it happen.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? How did you overcome it?
My biggest challenge has been finding my own voice. I spent 5 years working as a session musician and working on lots of different projects in a range of genres and I got a bit lost. It has taken me a while to regain my focus as an artist, but it thankfully came together when I stopped making music to please other people and started writing songs that made me happy.

Are you working on anything at the moment?
I'm currently tying up the loose ends of a few songs so that I have a strong body of work to take into the studio. While I want to keep it very live sounding, I'm looking for a producer to collaborate with to help us lock into the 'sound'

Where would you like to see yourself in a years time?
In a few more people's CD rack.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?
If you like the Signet Ring tune, you can download it for free here... 
For more tunes head to

What's next for you?
A spot of lunch and then maybe a management deal, any takers?

Any last words?
Thank you for getting in touch!