Fresh from their UK tour with Paramore, we were fortunate enough to pitch a handful of questions to fun. frontman and mastermind Nate Ruess.

You've been on tour with Paramore in the UK, how has that been?

We just recently finished. It was wonderful to say the least. Very nice people in and with Paramore, and the UK crowds seemed like very nice concert going folks.

How have you found the response from the audiences?
I think for the most part it's been good. A minimum of bottles and glow sticks thrown our way so I consider it a success.

Has there been any city that has stood out for you?
Birmingham was particularly nutty. Really an amazing crowd. Although I can't complain about most of the other ones either.

How did the band first get together?
We were in bands before that had toured together. So when most of those bands were no more, we decided "why not try to fail together".

Where did the name fun. come from?
We were working on demo's in New York and decided to take the night off and see a friends comedy show. So before he performed we were all sitting around trying to come up with names. And someone said ice cream. And I said no but I liked the feeling it conjured up. So Jack said "fun" and we googled it and then sat on it for about 5 months before we finally gave in.

How would you describe yourselves musically?
A whirling dervish of pop music. All fists and elbows.

Your songs seem to have a diverse array of styles and sounds, is that something which came naturally to you when you first started working together as a band?
Yeah. I think we all tried to be ourselves as much as possible when individually contributing to the songs. I think we are all very different musically so we try and showcase that within the songs. While also keeping what's best for the song in mind.

Could you describe your creative process?
It really depends. For Aim and Ignite I had written a lot of songs and brought them to Andrew and Jack. I don't play an instrument so I write everything in my head and then try my best to explain the song to them until they figure it out and make it their own.

Where do you get your ideas?
Scrapbooks. I'm really into scrap booking.

What inspires your lyrics?
Also scrapbooks.

Do you take any influences or inspiration from sources other than music when writing?
Answer above.

Would you say that you bring in influences from any other artist into your writing?

Yeah constantly. That's one of the reasons I want to do music is because I'm so inspired by the people who influenced me. I wouldn't consider it "paying it forward" because my contributions are such a tiny speck of dust in the musical universe.

Is there a particular song you've written that you're most proud of?
Not really. But I'm always of the belief that the song I'm currently working on is better the last.

The album has a multitude of styles, as we mentioned earlier was it easy to get them to flow through the record and create something coherent?
It's really hard to do because we are focused on every little detail. We kinda just decided to let the songs fall as they may and try our best to sort it out later with the understanding that at the very least, it's my voice.