Misha Collins best known for his role as Castiel in the hit CW show Supernatural was in London over the weekend as part of Collectormania. With Season 5 taking a small mid-season break in the USA and yet to start in the UK, we stole some time with him to talk about his character and his place on the show.

Sunday November 29th. Just your regular normal day spent pottering around Collectormania in London's Olympia. Or so we thought.

After asking a few questions and exchanging information with an agent we felt hopeful that at some point down the road we'd be able to conduct the interview we had been trying to pin down for the past few weeks.
What we didn't count on was that after managing a quick cup of tea we would be led to the signing table to hold the interview, not even 30 minutes after meeting with his agent.

So we found ourselves led and deposited in front of Misha Collins, unprepared and not knowing what we were going to ask.
Starting off a little rocky, with Misha's attention on us, we had no clue where to start.

"Yes, what are you going to ask?" he questions us "Should I ask you questions? We'll do it that way" he laughs "So, what is this for?"

After explaining who we were and what we did, we mentioned that our last interview was with AJ Buckley.

"AJ Buckley not too shabby, not too shabby" Misha nods softly "I know him well"

And he does, however, because we're not one for spoilers or for ruining surprises we won't share with you what we know.

"Okay, all right she's formulating some questions, I can see" he laughs

Misha has a rather prominent role on The CW show 'Supernatural' where he plays the angel, Castiel. We first see him in season 4, making a pretty spectacular entrance having been summoned by Dean and Bobby. From that first moment Castiel has had a very strong presence on screen, and has slowly grown and become a firm favourite with the shows fans.

"I thought I was going to be dead in three weeks." Misha explains when he begins to tell us if he ever thought Castiel would progress as far as he has done "But, I'm not dead yet its been quite a surprise. Yeah I thought it was going to be three episodes." he pauses "Actually, that's a lie, I lied to you. I thought it was going to be one episode, but it was always going to be three episodes I just wasn't paying attention." he admits "I just went in, I don't think I fully read the audition material for the first time so I didn't know it was three episodes, so I was pleasantly surprised to find 'oh it's not just one episode its three'. And then it turned into six, and then it turned into ten, and now its 2 years. And so yes, didn't expect that, it was a surprise and there you have it."

With the development of Castiel as a regular on the show, a lot of people are watching to see what he does next, and this for the most part, because of the characters popularity makes it kind of become the Castiel show with Sam and Dean being slightly pushed aside.

"Well, have you been watching the fifth season?" Misha asks when we point this out "I mean, the end of season 4 there was a lot of Castiel action, but season 5 is you know, is safely Sam and Dean territory uhm, sadly." he nods "It's a terrible waste I think, of a great asset." he laughs, and we can't help but agree.

Castiel as a character has been spending more and more time on Earth. When we first meet him in season 4, you get the impression that he is a hard-laced uncaring being who doesn't want to be involved or to be mixing with the human race. However, as the season progresses and we get to know his character it becomes evident that he wants to learn and understand about the world, and so we do see him taking on more human characteristics. So now that Castiel is becoming more human has Misha been able to bring more of his own personality to the character?

"A little bit." he explains "Incrementally you know its hard to, you know I can't suddenly change the character too drastically and I think that its important to make -because he's obviously transitioning to be more human over time, and I think its important to make that transition slow and realistic. So bit by bit I think he's learning more and more of what it's like being human, and bit by bit that means he's getting a little bit, ultimately I hope, more personality"

"There's a little bit [personality] sliding in, but he is he's kind of a dull guy in some respect, and I mean he's pretty even keel so yeah he's becoming a little more human."

Season 5 has yet to air over here in the UK, although many fans will have been watching the show online so they will be aware of the changes which have been gradually occurring to Castiel since the end of season 4. One notable change is the more personable and slightly more sociable presentation of Castiel as a character, evident in the last episode before the mid-season break in which we find Castiel downing shots. And more disappointingly not getting drunk.

"I was [disappointed]." Misha admits "I actually. I have to confess, I am experiencing regret about that now. I think I kind of, I read it in a certain way, the script. But there's actually no reason that I couldn't have made him actually get drunk. Which would have been... My choice was 'oh that angels are impervious to alcohol' and so that's what you know, he can drink as much as he wants and nothing happens. But when I watched the episode I immediately realised that was the worst decision possible. It would have been much better to say that angels are actually highly susceptible to alcohol and get loose, get drunk, that would have been much better. So I'm also disappointed, but I'm glad you noticed that."

Intrigued mostly by the choices that Misha had made regarding the character, there was that tiny little matter of how he came up with Castiel's voice.

"In the first episode that Castiel is introduced, his real voice is like blowing out television sets and windows and its deafening and so I thought 'oh he needs to have... he needs to have a really commanding voice', you know." Misha explains "So that was the voice that I came up with. I mean I just wanted something that was resonate, strong, but of course at the time I only thought I was going to be around for three weeks so I" he pulls a face because of his decision "Now its a long time to be talking like that but." he shrugs as he laughs

We can only imagine how difficult it must be to maintain the voice while playing Castiel, but another small question we were intrigued to ask was how long it took to perfect the stare.

"That came pretty quick" Misha admits before commencing a 20 second Castiel stare-off with us, which we can confirm is actually as unnerving as you would imagine it to be.

With the latest season, though currently on a mid-season break, storming ahead and coming closer to the end, everyone is curious to know what will happen to the characters they have grown to know and to love, so how does Misha think Castiel is eventually going to end up as the season draws nearer to a close?

"I don't know." he admits "I have no idea. They have not told me what's going to happen. I don't... my guess is that the show is going to go for a sixth season, and not end on season 5, that's my guess. Because the shows doing well, and when shows are doing well, they're making money and when they're making money people want to keep them around, I think that the network will try to keep it around."

There has recently been a lot of speculation as to whether or not there will be a sixth season, and thinking about the possibilities of how they could do it, it does seem plausible, and no doubt fans of the show will find the speculation quite exciting. However, no one knows what will happen, and since no one knows what is going to happen, or how, when the show does end, the characters will end up it only seems natural to ask how Misha would like Castiel to end up.

"You know for a while I was thinking of the more human the better" he explains "But recently I've started to think that maybe it would be good if he became evil. Became Sam and Dean's arch nemesis or something for a while."

Interesting if not quite heartbreaking as well

"Yeah it would be heartbreaking" he agrees "But it would be kind of cool. I'm not really sure where the character goes on the run so, I don't know. Where would you, do you have any ideas?" he asks and we have no ideas at all, other than to think that it would be good to play it evil, and that it would be really good.
"I mean I definitely, I don't think... he's not evil. I definitely do not think that he's evil now. But who knows maybe he could be turned at some point" Misha speculates "That might be something, yeah like Lucifer was, is trying to convert him right, so that might be actually kind of cool."

And so we come to the final question

"All right." Misha states "Make it a good one, don't fuck this one up."

We ask if this is the 45 minute question

"Yes." he smiles "Oh she doesn't have a question, last question and there's nothing."

Inspiration hits in the form of the movie Misha has recently wrapped filming on and we announce 'Stonehenge Apocalypse...Sell it'

"Stonehenge Apocalypse" he repeats "Great film" he then starts counting off its features on his fingers "Its got jet fighters, pyramids, volcanoes, earthquakes, Stonehenge." he pauses with a nod to Stonehenge "A cult, scientists, and a nuclear bomb. Now any movie that provides you with all of that entertainment is a must see." sitting back he shrugs slightly "And I don't know when [it's out], I think it's going to be on the Sci-Fi channel."

And so with a few parting words and an appreciative thank you from us our time was up. An eventful and informative ten minutes from someone who we felt, once again, is one of the nicest people we've had the pleasure of talking with.