Part 2 of our interview with Zebrahead's Ali & Matty.
Read part one here.

'Panty Raid' is a fun addition to any collection, and given that it has been a while since we've heard anything new from the band, in the way of their own material (Phoenix was released in 08) the big question is can we expect an album of their own material soon?

"Yes." Matty answers straight away

"We've been working on one actually," Ali replies "Funny you should ask."

"Funny you should mention that."

"But we're going to be touring until the end of summer and then we're going to go back into the studio and finish it up."

Do the band enjoy recording?

"Absolutely not." Ali states "I hate these guys."

"I can't even be in the same room as these people." Matty nods slightly turning away from Ali

"I have a headache right now because I'm sitting next to Matty."

"I have a rash right now."

"I told you you shouldn't have touched that girl."

"It was Amy Winehouse." Matty points out "It was your leavings."

"Yeah," Ali nods "She rode a lot on the Canadian cow."

"She did. Moo."

"Eh." they once again say together.

The band, in it's current form have been together since 2005, but have been around since 1996. Having been together for so long, how would they say they've developed as a band from the early days up until now?

"I think we are all a little bit fatter," Ali says as he thinks about his answer "And have less tolerance for everything."

"Definitely a bit older." Matty adds

"A lot older."

"Maybe a little bit taller."

"Ben stabbed a guy." Ali tells us

"With a trident," Matty points out "I don't know where he got it."

"I don't know that was weird, where did he get that thing from?"

"We thought it was a pitchfork but it was a trident."

"Yeah and also Greg we found out is half Asian."

"I thought he was from Kentucky." Matty queries

"I know."

"That is so weird."

"I didn't know that when we started or I'd probably not have been in a band with him." Ali pauses before smiling "I'm just kidding. I love Asian people."

"I love Greg."

"I love Greg."

"Not really." Matty states

"No," Ali agrees before adding "Sometimes."

"He's all right I guess we'll keep him."

"If we must."

Have they noticed the growth within their writing as well?

"Yeah definitely." Ali nods

"I think so yeah," Matty explains "I think working as a band we're starting to know how to write with each other and how to group words into sentences as well. It's been difficult."

"Definitely, definitely. I think it's like anything once you work with the same people for a long period of time you can kind of tell what they're thinking."

"And you can also finish." Matty begins

Before they both state "Each others sentences."

"That's great see." Ali starts to give us an example "I think today is"

"Very." they both say

"Good." Matty laughs

"God damn it." Ali sighs after their demonstration sort of failed "I didn't even start drinking."

"Today is our 13th show in a row."

"Yeah we're a little out of it. We're both on cold medicine."

"Yeah, I'm hopped up on day and night nurse."

"And we haven't eaten." Ali sighs before turning to Matty "Have you eaten anything today?"

"I had Subway."

"Oh that's right, I haven't eaten and I think that medicine and I'm like woozy right now. So we apologise for him."

"I apologise for him."

What can people expect from the record when they're ready to release it?

"I think, look I'm just going to say it." Ali states

"Okay." Matty nods

"And I'm not just some guy here."

"You're not some guy."

"I think this record has a very good chance of winning the Nobel peace prize." Ali tells us with absolute seriousness

"Or an Oscar," Matty continues "Or both. Or an adult video award, an AVN."

"Yes, all three, it's going to be a triple double."


"For this album I'm predicting, it's going to be the most amazing thing since..."

"Gandhi." Matty offers

"Gandhi." Ali agrees

"And Fergie and Jesus."

"And Jesus."

So with the UK tour wrapping up and Europe still to come. Along with a future album that will score a triple-double and is the best thing since Jesus, what's next for the band?

"I'm going to watch Emma look at her piece of paper." Ali smiles watching as the band's publicist picks up some paper from the table

"And do a dance." Matty adds as Emma starts to dance.

"Then she's going to dance and then we're going to play a show. Actually we're going to Japan in a week and then coming back to finish up Europe. And then we're going home for a little bit, coming back for the festivals and then going into the studio. That is the Zebrahead plan. And we will be very lucky if we accomplish one tenth of that."

"Yeah, we will play the show tonight for sure."

"Yeah, maybe. Definitely."